The Grad Student Lives

It’s been a little while, I know. Sorry! A couple of things happened since the last post: finals, and adopting a kitten.

Actual depiction of me during finals.

I somehow survived both. Or at least I survived finals, and have so far survived the new kitten (although he does like to try to sleep on my face, so we’ll see if I get smothered). So yeah, I have made it through my second semester, and now have an entire summer without classes. Just full-time work and a blog for the summer (just? I might be crazy).

The kitten totally got adopted during a study break. I took a break from editing, stopped by an adoption even, and stumbled upon a little ball of orange fur. As soon as he looked at me, I knew he was my cat. No getting out of it then. Don’t worry, I had been thinking of adopting a second cat for a while, but just hadn’t found the cat yet. I was honestly kind of hoping it would be an adult cat because I haven’t owned a kitten in 18 years, and they are a lot of energy. So he is adorable, and crazy, and sweet, and evil. Sometimes he starts running around and jumping on things and Masha looks at me like,” what have you done to our peaceful life?!”

Masha’s reaction the kitten.

BUT, I love this little guy, who I have named Odd (after Space Oddity, since his bone structure and personality remind me of David Bowie). He loves me. Somehow Masha and I will survive the kitten madness stage. Really hoping they’ll bond. Also hoping he’ll get over the stage of sleeping on my face and cleaning me during the night. I miss sleeping through the night.

Look at that little face! Pure trouble and cuteness.

Since all this stuff has passed, I am working on the next post, which will be about BOOKS. Books I am reading and am looking forward to reading this summer. Probably won’t get to read all of them this summer, but a girl can make a ridiculous to-read list and dream, right?

I promise to get the book post up to you as soon as I can. I do not promise that the next post might not also feature a picture of at least one of my cats.

Until then!