Summer Reads: The Beginning

Summer Time is HERE!

Which means, since I am not currently taking any classes, I can do a lot more reading for my own interests/fun! WOOOOO! I thought I’d give y’all a look at what I am reading, plan to read soon, can’t wait to read, and also a few shows that I am really looking forward to watching. I may be an adult who still has to work in the summer, but I find my fun where I can. Since it gets so hot here that my skin asks for mercy, reading in a cool area or watching something good definitely count as fun.

Currently Reading:

Cinder by Marisa Meyer-this book was recommended to me by so many people that I finally decided I can’t wait any longer to read it. The fact that it mixes sci-fi (futuristic setting, cyborgs) and fairy tale elements (Cinderella in this case-cyborg mechanic) had definitely caught my interest so far. Plus, if nothing else, my friends will be so relieved that I finally read it (since they know my love of sci-fi and fairy tales/folklore, anyone who knows me and reads the book then immediately recommends it to me).

The Handmaid’s Tale-somehow I have never read this before, and with my love of Margaret Atwood (and the show being aired) it felt like I needed to fix that. So far it’s amazing and eerie. It’s also a  little too close to how the real world feels now at moments. Like everyone now and then I look around and wonder if the world is tipping a little too close towards dystopia.

One Week in the Library-comic book with story involving a library (ok, actually more to it than that, but that is literally all it took for me to need to read it ASAP). It actually tells about a week in the library, through seven short stories, and is described as experimental. I’m seriously looking forward to it. Also, can we just take a minute to appreciate the awesome cover? So good.

Soon to be Reading:

Penny Dreadful Vol 1-I love all things Penny Dreadful, so as soon as this came into the library I pounced. It’s actually a prequel to the series. Since the show is no longer on air, I enjoy the opportunity to delve into the universe in this format. But I will still miss the show, forever. Vanessa Ives for life.

Saga Vol 7-The fact that I haven’t read this one yet is both shocking and shameful for me. If you haven’t read Saga, you should. It’s just brilliant. I will warn that it definitely not a comic for kids if you’re worried about them seeing nudity, violence, or adult language, so keep that in mind. But anyone mature enough to read it? READ. I almost dread reading the latest volumes when they come out because it means I’ll have to wait for the next one. That’s what re-reading is for, I guess.

My Favorite Thing is Monsters-I had not even heard of this book, and saw it on the new cart at the library. The cover alone sold me, and once I read up on it, I checked it out. Very much in love with the notebook style art work, and the fact that the main character is a 10-year-old girl trying to solve a murder.

The Town that Forgot How to Breathe-recommended to me by a friend. The book is called creepy, kind of Gothic, kind of Lovecraft-ian. Either way, I’m all in to read a spooky book and see what I think. I normally save scarier or more atmospheric reads for Fall or later, but meh! Sometimes you have something recommended and you decide to shake things up.

Snotgirl Vol 1-one of my best friends sent this to me as a birthday gift, and I’m just super intrigued to read it and see what I think.

Can’t Wait to Read:

The Beast is an Animal- I got a signed copy at TLA and I will probably start reading this as soon as I’m done with Cinder/Handmaid’s Tale. I generally only do one full novel at a time combined with graphic novels. I seriously can’t wait because I love the dark fairy tale premise of the book. I met Peternelle at TLA and she seems awesome, and has an unusual name. So, you know, high hopes.

A Study in Charlotte-a new Sherlock inspired series? Yes, please. Especially if the Sherlock character is female. I also picked up the sequel at TLA and go to meet the author, who was so nice. I also need to point out that I particularly love the cover design of these books, because good cover design makes me happy.

Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World. Feminism book by Kelly Jensen of BookRiot ( and Stacked (, featuring lots of people handling different subjects. Yeah, gonna have to check that out. This book seems like it could be geared to a YA audience too (I’ve seen it in some teen section in libraries), which I really like, because feminism for everyone!

Can’t Wait to Watch:

American Gods-one of my favorite books, and the only reason I haven’t watched the series yet is it started during finals and now I need to catch up. So I will have some lovely slight binge watching (I don’t like to over binge on beautiful shows, I think having some time to digest is nice).

The Handmaid’s Tale-honestly, do I even need to explain why I’m excited?

Wynonna Earp-I need the next season of this to be on already, I don’t have cable, but I will find a way to legally watch it. I will.


So, that’ s just the first round y’all. I might be over planning, but OH WELL!

Until next time.