Big News!

So, I’ve got some exciting new to share with everyone. There’s a site I love a lot, called Book Riot. It’s all about books, comics, reading life, etc. And I’ve been a reader for a while. Recently they put a call out for contributors, and I figured I’d give it a shot because I’ve always wanted to write for them.

Well, my submission was accepted, and after some trial posts, I’m now officially a contributor for Book Riot! Which means, you can expect to see at least a couple of articles from me each  month.

Follow this link to my contributor page:

I’m crazy excited, and the team at Book Riot is a great one. They’re also very big on supporting diverse reading, which is fantastic. And they write about comics, which is another big reason I’m thrilled to contribute.

This does mean I will have to find a way to balance writing for my blog , with writing for Book Riot , and graduate school work. It might take me a minute to find a groove, so bear with me.

BUT, I definitely encourage you to check out the articles I’ve written there, and to give the site a browse, because there are really wonderful articles there.

Stay tuned to see what happens with this new adventure!

Until next time,



It’s International Cat Day according to the entire internet and my research! The celebration takes place every year on August 8th, and was started in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (

I feel like every day is Cat Day in my life, since I live with two of them, and that means they’re kind of everything. I wish I could take the day off from work as a proper holiday. But, I will gladly take any opportunity to write a cat themed post!

So, I thought to mark this fantastic day, I’d share some of my favorite cat books and cats in stories.

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Summer Reads: The Beginning

Summer Time is HERE!

Which means, since I am not currently taking any classes, I can do a lot more reading for my own interests/fun! WOOOOO! I thought I’d give y’all a look at what I am reading, plan to read soon, can’t wait to read, and also a few shows that I am really looking forward to watching. I may be an adult who still has to work in the summer, but I find my fun where I can. Since it gets so hot here that my skin asks for mercy, reading in a cool area or watching something good definitely count as fun.

Currently Reading:

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The Grad Student Lives

It’s been a little while, I know. Sorry! A couple of things happened since the last post: finals, and adopting a kitten.

Actual depiction of me during finals.

I somehow survived both. Or at least I survived finals, and have so far survived the new kitten (although he does like to try to sleep on my face, so we’ll see if I get smothered). So yeah, I have made it through my second semester, and now have an entire summer without classes. Just full-time work and a blog for the summer (just? I might be crazy).

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Adventures at the Library Conference


Well, just got unpacked and sort of resettled from my trip to the Texas Library Association Annual Conference. This was my second time going, and it was a completely great time.  At these conferences, along with sessions on the different issues in the field, and booths of library vendors, there are also publisher booths and author signings. So along with the career development and networking aspect of the conference, if you know where to go you leave with a serious amount of books, free of charge. And you better believe that I walked in, and gathered some goodies.

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