Big News!

So, I’ve got some exciting new to share with everyone. There’s a site I love a lot, called Book Riot. It’s all about books, comics, reading life, etc. And I’ve been a reader for a while. Recently they put a call out for contributors, and I figured I’d give it a shot because I’ve always wanted to write for them.

Well, my submission was accepted, and after some trial posts, I’m now officially a contributor for Book Riot! Which means, you can expect to see at least a couple of articles from me each  month.

Follow this link to my contributor page:

I’m crazy excited, and the team at Book Riot is a great one. They’re also very big on supporting diverse reading, which is fantastic. And they write about comics, which is another big reason I’m thrilled to contribute.

This does mean I will have to find a way to balance writing for my blog , with writing for Book Riot , and graduate school work. It might take me a minute to find a groove, so bear with me.

BUT, I definitely encourage you to check out the articles I’ve written there, and to give the site a browse, because there are really wonderful articles there.

Stay tuned to see what happens with this new adventure!

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  1. Guy You Used To Work With says:


    Having said that, the links to your blog and twitter handle BookRiot has on your author page are UTTERLY broken. Spelling errors!

    Hope things are going well.

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