I’m Yaika, writer of the blog. I love stories in pretty much all formats, and I’m also a total nerd. I was born that way, there was no escaping it. I’m also getting my Masters in library sciences,work in a library, and live with my cats Masha and Odd. So yeah, I might be getting a little close to that library stereotype. But cats are awesome, so I don’t mind. Oh, and I say y’all, be prepared.

Things I love Include:

Doctor Who

Puerto Rican food (homeland food for life)

Comics (Marvel, DC, Image, indie, I’ll read anything and have no strict allegiance to any one company)


Penny Dreadful

Dogs and cats (If you ask me if I am a dog or cat person, I will tell you both. Always. BOTH). Cute animals in general and even not cute ones.

Libraries (clearly)


Victorian stuff

Gothic Literature

Jane Eyre (see above)

Horror Movies (except Nightmare on Elm Street, for legitimate reasons, please no. So scared)

Things I Don’t Love Include:

Elitist nerds (“You’re not a REAL nerd.” Really? So glad you get to decide who fits into that category. Such power must weigh on you terribly.)

Spiders (I know they serve a purpose, but if they could just keep their distance, I would appreciate it. Been bitten 3 times).

Scorpions (Those stings really hurt)

You know what? Being bitten/stung by things! Let’s just but that on there.


Freddy Kreuger. Just nope. Phobia level dislike.

I hope you enjoy time here.